4.2 Should people know something about economics?

We have given as well, some examples of how economists can make a living beyond the traditional path. There is more internationalisation needed for instance. For many problems in one part of the globe, there is a solution at the other side of the globe, but it requires specialised teams to bring the problem and the solution together.

Big crises, like the one we lived in 2008 and which still continues in 2014, the moment of writing this manual, are very useful. People learn that somehow abstract issues have a direct impact on their personal life. If economists succeed that there are no quick and easy solutions and that every quick and easy solution leads to the next crises, they have done a good job.

In the long run, perhaps the present crises is not enough to improve the situation, but we will see others, people will learn that economic issues have a much greater impact on their lives than the love affairs of royals, actors and other people of this kind. In the long run people will be more interested in the composition of the public budget than in sex, crimes and love affairs.

If there is a greater demand for relevant information, there are more jobs for economists.

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In the long run people will learn that economic issues has a greater impact than sex, crimes and love affairs

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